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Eat with confidence knowing your seafood's exact origin with our fully traceable responsibly-sourced deliveries.

Why Choose Fish For Skeptics?

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    Verify Your Seafood's Source

    Know exactly where your seafood comes from with QR codes on every fillet. Trust in our transparency and sustainability.
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    Easy Healthy Meals

    Prep meals effortlessly with our seafood. Discover new, health-boosting recipes each week.
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    Quick & Hassle-Free Delivery

    Get real-time shipment updates. Our extra dry ice keeps seafood fresh and frozen, even in hot weather.
Fish For Skeptics has made me a believer in Fish, relying on their pink boxes delivering top-quality seafood, ensuring sustainability and unparalleled taste. Highly recommend for anyone seeking convenience and ethical seafood choices.

Duncan W

Verified Buyer

Shipping was fast, delivery was great and the fish was amazing, really good quality fish. Even though it took me a while to pick it up from my front desk, the fish was still fully frozen when I did.

Jose C

Verified Buyer

Icelandic Fish at its best! The individually portioned pieces make it convenient to prepare for individuals or larger groups alike. Despite the scorching summer heat, the fish was still completely frozen when it arrived at my door. I am impressed!

Katrin B

Verified Buyer

It has been a game-changer for me. Ethically sourced from Iceland, their fish arrives fresh and delicious at your doorstep. Every time. As a Minnesotan, I have always been skeptical of fish, especially good fish.

Jamieson W

Verified Buyer

I’m very impressed that Fish For Skeptics allows you to customize your order based on your specific fish quantity needs. What a luxury to have the convenience of getting Icelandic Arctic Char delivered directly to my doorstep. I can confidently say that Fish For Skeptics has become my top choice for purchasing fish.

Jens S

Verified Buyer

We make Seafood Simple

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    1. We Source the Best

    We partner with local fishermen and responsible land-farms to deliver only top-quality seafood to your plate.
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    2. You Choose

    We empower you to customize your seafood choices completely—it's all up to you.
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    3. We Deliver

    Our fast shipping process ensures your seafood arrives quickly and fully frozen, letting you enjoy top-quality fish right from home.

Why Track Seafood Origin?

By tracking, we confirm seafood origins, whether wild-caught or from land-based sustainable farms, guaranteeing quality and supporting conservation efforts.

Our Sustainable Seafood Collection

Frequently asked questions

Is the fish sustainably sourced?

Our fish is sourced from responsible fisheries and land-based aquaculture, emphasizing sustainability to ensure traceability and environmental consciousness. This approach supports healthy ecosystems and delivers premium, planet-friendly seafood.

Is the fish fresh or frozen?

We use flash-freezing technology to preserve seafood's peak freshness and taste. This method ensures that our seafood retains maximum nutrition and flavor, even if it’s not consumed immediately after being caught.

Where do you deliver?

Our delivery network covers the contiguous (lower 48 states) U.S.

How big are the portions?

Our standard box contains fillets weighing 5-6 oz each. The monthly 12-pack is perfect for 3-4 meals per week, while the 24-pack serves 6-8 meals per week.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

No! Your seafood arrives frozen in a sustainable, insulated container with enough dry ice to keep it frozen all day. You’ll also receive an email notification with the expected delivery time to keep you informed.
Our Story

"I had no way of knowing whether the seafood I was eating was really sustainably sourced. That's why I founded Fish For Skeptics."

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